Mission Statement

Let Beach Volleyball 101 take your game to the next level.  Whether you are a
beginner, former indoor player converting to the beach, veteran pick-up player,
or aspiring professional looking to play in qualifiers, we can and will improve
your game!
Teaching Method and Philosophy

Beach Volleyball 101 is hands on volleyball training.  We are with you every step
of the way, taking time for the individual player, as well as the team.  Although
the main focus will be on 2 man, individual skills can also be stressed in full
detail.  You will learn all skills, and play both sides of the court.  Our philosophy
on beach volleyball  is:  Bump, Set, Spike in an aggressive manner.  NO FREE

We are located in San Diego, CA, running individual lessons and group clinics in
Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, and Del Mar (Dog Beach).   For the right
opportunity, we will travel as far as the Los Angeles area beaches, but our rates
will increase according to travel time/ mileage.  Please
CONTACT US  for these
negotiable rates depending on your personal need.
The Academy
Are you in need of fun physical exercise???  Have you ever wanted to learn how
to play beach volleyball the right way???  We at Beach Volleyball 101 have over
30 years combined playing experience, and over 7 years coaching experience
to help you get started!!!!  We offer training on all levels, ages, and experience.  
We specialize in individual, 2 man team, and small groups, but we can handle
large groups as well.  Bring a friend and check us out!!!!
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